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Customers shocked by telekinesis prank that sees man pushed up against wall

Simplesmente genial hahah 😀


The last thing you need to see when getting a coffee in the morning is a woman assaulting a man by pushing him up against the wall using the power of her mind.

But that’s what some customers at a US café thought they were witnessing when a young lady flipped out after someone had spilled coffee on her laptop.

But it turned out the altercation wasn’t real and actually a viral stunt for upcoming horror movie remake Carrie.

That didn’t stop it from being any less hilarious though, as the victims of the set-up reacted with both astonishment and fear when the woman seemed to have the power of telekinesis.

During the two-minute video posted on YouTube, she manages to move tables, make books fly off the shelves and push tables without touching them.

Armaan Kapur enjoyed the clip, and wrote: ‘Well that was epic. Also, LMAO at the…

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